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Wednesday 22. november 2017: Working at EasyMile for 10 month. Critical real-time software in C, simulation and monitoring in Haskell perfect combo! It’s efficient and funny ;-)

Monday 18. july 2016: Updates on my new simulation framework project in Haskell.

Friday 25. march 2016: Dear backers, unfortunately, the FUN project was not successfully funded. I will now focus on FRP (Functional Reactive Programming) applied to real-time critical system specification and simulation.

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Portable Python distribution

Christophe Delord

Saturday 3 December 2011


Python is one of the best interpreted language. This page contains a Windows distribution of Python that can be used on non user friendly OS (like Windows) without being installed, at work for instance when your boss or your customers force you to use such OS :-(

This page does not covers Linux since Python is most of the time provided.


Just download Python32.7z or Python27.7z, extract it in the directory of your choice and use python.exe or pythonw.exe.

Technical details

Python32.7z and Python27.7z contain a Python distribution (most of the standard libraries, Tkinter, TPG and Markdown) and its documentation. The executables are made with cx-Freeze.

You can build your own distribution. Just have a look at make.bat in Python.7z.


I also have packaged the script into a standalone executable with cx-Freeze. It is available here: PyRegExp.exe (download PyRegExp.7z if you want to build it yourself).


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