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Monday 16. December 2019: Working at EasyMile for nearly 3 years. Critical real-time software in C, simulation and monitoring in Haskell ➡️ perfect combo! It’s efficient and funny ;-)
And we are recruiting! Contact if you are interested in Haskell or embedded softwares (or both).

Sunday 15. December 2019: Playing with Pandoc filters in Haskell. abp should make pp obsolete.

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Christophe Delord

25 October 2015

Download: is a simple command line podcast aggregator.

Just edit it to add you own podcasts and run it at startup or with crontab… Your podcasts are automatically downloaded.

The default is to store the podcasts in ~/Podcasts.

Finally move your podcasts to your favorite device and enjoy. is inspired by the great, powerful and simple BashPodder ;-) The main differences with BashPodder are a different way to sort podcasts, single file packaging ( and the usage of on-screen notifications.

In case you need more documentation, just read the source:!